Fun House Productions offers some special services to add an extra touch of fun to your party or event.  Each package is customized to suit your needs.
Face Painting / Temporary Tattoos/Glitter Tattoos
As the music is softly playing in the background, one at a time, each child comes up to get their hand, arm or face painted.  Rather then just having a simple decal, your child can be transformed into an elaborate work of art. Beautiful fairy dust & glitter can also be applied to make the designs look extra magical.
If a child chooses not to have the paint, they can get a temporary tattoo. (Don't worry Mom, they're put on with water)  Keep your cameras handy- there isn't too many places where you can find princesses, pirates, kittens, puppies (with or without spots), super heros, etc. all in one room!!! Glitter tattoos are stencils in which I fill in with glue and glitter or for boys paint. 
[Special Note: All face paints used by Fun House Productions are hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and FDA approved]
Balloon Sculpting
Wonderful creations handmade by Tammy Piscopo, as one of her characters. Each child gets to take one home, but the star of the show gets more. My balloons are elaborate and some are 5 figure or more.
Child and adults will all join in the dancing while songs like, Chicken DanceIf Your Happy & You Know It, Hokey Pokey, etc., are played. I also hand out pom-poms to keep up the energy.
Parachute Games
A 12 foot, rainbow colored, parachute is placed on the floor and all the children gather around.   Age appropriate games are introduced to the children. They bounce bean bags on the chute and with the help of the adults, get to go under the paracute. We can't forget about the Birthday Child and the special Happy Birthday Song while placing  the "Star" of the show in the middle on the parachute on a "Merry-go-round ride. Get your cameras ready!
Sand Art Parties or Sandy Candy Parties
I offer a a display of many varities of shaped bottles and necklaces. There are multi colors of sand to pick from. Their little hands get busy and each child will fill their bottle or necklace to the top. Watch how much fun your little one's have layering the beautifully colored sand into what they are designing. What they made is a treasure in the sand to keep forever. This craft expresses independence, creativity and FUN!  A piece of art they can look at and say "I made that"! Sandy Candy is layering colored candy in a tube or bottle. Many flavors and varieties of candy to pick from such as: Sour, sparkle, or pebble candy to name a few. 
"Fishing Pond" Game
The "Fishing Pond" game consists of a transportable pool with a dozen or so swimming vinly fish along with some green frogs to add effect. Each child will try their luck in fishing with a fishing pole to catch a moving fish in the pond. 
Simply put, Everyone is a Winner! They will be so delighted in catching a fish that they can't wait to throw it back into the pond and try again. Each child will get the opportunity to pick a prize for their wonderful catch. The choice of prizes are inflatable hand-held balloons. We offer a variety of  balloons to pick from. Just to name a few are Sponge Bobs, Dora or Diego, Spiderman, Batman etc. or if not a balloon we can customize the prizes according to the customer's request. This game is worth it for just capturing that moment of a child fishing with a big smile on their face, accomplishment and getting a reward. Truly is a kodak moment! 

Goodie Bags
Goodie Bags can be provided at your party for an additional charge per bag.  Please ask for prices when you call. Some packages include Goodie Bags. Please inquire.
Special Services